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the face of Canada is changing...

We believe the first step to reaching the nations in Canada is recognizing the very people in our own backyards. Our aim is to help you discover the changing reality around you and to explore the many new missional opportunities in your city or region.

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Canada is home to more than 165 unreached people groups - that’s 165+ distinct groups once inaccessible with the gospel yet now living here in Canada, and waiting to be reached with the good news of Jesus.

Aerial Photo of a City

Looking to discover the different people groups that live around you? Check out Statistics Canada's census profile of your region.  Just type in your postal code, and explore!

concentrations of unreached people groups in Canada:

  • Sikhs - Toronto, Vancouver

  • Arabs - Montreal, Toronto

  • Kurds - Montreal, Ottawa

  • Turks -  Edmonton, Hamilton

  • Somalis - Toronto, Edmonton

  • North Indians - Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto

  • Pakistanis - Calgary, Toronto

  • Persians - Vancouver, Toronto

  • Gujarathi - Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

  • Afgans - Vancouver, Montreal

For a comprehensive list of unreached people groups in Canada, check out Joshua Project.