*please note: some of the following resources were not created by reKindle and contain a variety of perspectives, not all of which we can fully endorse. we do believe, however, that the discerning learner can greatly benefit from these resources.

  • reaching the unreached

    did you know that only 3% of international workers are sent to the 40% of the world that has not yet heard the gospel?

  • God's heart for the foreigner

    how should Christians respond to immigrants, refugees and international students?

  • church planting + multiplication

    looking to begin or support a new venture? curious about the new things God is doing in canada?

  • recommended read

    is your gospel 3D? our globalized world needs a three-dimensional gospel of God's innocence, honor, and power

  • unreached people groups

    what is a UPG and how do we engage those who do not yet have access to the gospel?

  • recommended read

    discover why millennials are both the church's greatest challenge and its most exciting new opportunity

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