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from paralyzed to mobilized

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

When I was a young engineering student juggling 8 classes, a part time job, and volunteering at church, the number of details to manage seemed unsurmountable. I have vivid memories of feeling so overwhelmed by class assignments that I became stuck. I couldn’t choose my next step or see a clear path before me. The size of the tasks in front of me were enormous. I froze, paralyzed. Fortunately, I also have just as many memories of my dad sitting next to me at my desk helping me process.

Now, as I reflect back, I realize his message in these memories was consistent. Typically, he would ask questions that helped me break the big, overwhelming burden into many smaller, achievable tasks.

My dad helped my move from a place of paralyzed unknowns to an actionable plan. It’s amazing how quickly this process moved me from hopeless, discouraged, and defeated to hopeful, inspired, and mobilized. By breaking the huge into smaller and smaller pieces, the insurmountable

became achievable. This is a skill I continue to exercise in adulthood. Thanks dad!

Most recently, when I’ve pondered the complexities of disciple making movements and considered the enormity of the changes required to move from a programmatic church mindset to a disciple making movement mindset, I find myself in the all too familiar place of paralyzed and discouraged. As I consult others who are asking similar questions, I’ve discovered I’m not alone. Many of us feel stuck. Making these changes in my personal life alone seems mind-boggling. Never mind catalyzing others to join in on a large scale. That feels absurd. Crushing.

It's at times like these, that I’m grateful for the persevering work of numerous global missional organizations. In the last two or three decades, the study of global disciple making movements has helped break the large task into smaller, doable pieces. Most recently I’m personally encouraged and inspired by the work of the Kansas City Underground They’ve found/formed a framework that both identifies and communicates the smaller pieces or paradigm shifts that have the proven potential to mobilize us towards momentum.

For those of you who are seriously considering what it will take to participate in a movement of reproducing disciples, I urge you to reflect on these paradigm shifts and ask the Spirit to help you start/continue in this direction. I trust that you too will be encouraged and mobilized towards movement. I pray that if you find yourself overwhelmed or discouraged, that you’d join me and others in these small actionable shifts.

In upcoming blogs and podcasts, we will dive into these shifts in greater detail. I’ll be sharing from my own experiences, as well as inviting guests to share what making the shift has looked like for them. So, make sure you check back often.

The 9 paradigm shifts are:

Don’t let the number of the shifts overwhelm you. No single shift is completely isolated from the others. I’m learning how the first shift sets the stage for all the others, and that when I’m consistent in implementing what I can, I see increased traction in my own life and the lives of those I influence.

Here at reKindle, we want to join with others to become a reproducing movement of disciple makers. We trust that as more of us say yes to making these shifts, we’ll see increasing numbers of people equipped, motivated, and mobilized to participate in making disciples who in turn can make disciples.

Reflect on the 9 Shifts listed, and identify the following:

  1. One or more shifts you’ve already experienced in your own personal journey towards making disciples who make disciples. Who could you share your learning within the next week?

  2. The shift that challenges your present understanding most. Who could you share this challenge within the next week?

  3. One or two shifts you’d like to learn more about. What steps could you take in the next month to learn more?

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