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trend tracker

2023 edition

what is trend tracker?

The reKindle Trend Tracker is designed to assist the church in Canada better recognize the times we are in and begin to discern how we might respond in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

The scope of the reKindle Trend Tracker assesses more significant shifts in broad cultural contexts such as disciple making, mission, spiritual renewal, culture, geopolitics, economics, demographics, legislation, science, and technology. As much as possible, we have attempted to be rooted in data and metrics rather than mere anecdotal evidence. Such data and perspective will, no doubt, change over time. Thus, the reKindle Trend Tracker is not  predictive but expresses an observation, a point of view from a moment in time. 


canada is experiencing a rapid decline
of Christianity. The 2021 census data
revealed that only 53% of Canadians
identify as Christian, down 14% from

trend 03:
from post-christendom
to pre-christian


we are on the verge of a fourth industrial
revolution that will profoundly alter how we
live, work, relate to one another and engage in mission...

trend 01:
the fourth
industrial revolution

Image by Juliana Kozoski

markers the disintegration of the
west (not to be confused with “the
fall”) continue to mount...

trend 02:
the dis-integration
of the west


numerous indicators strongly suggest global geo-political and economic volatility is rising, yielding “cascading risk” in the future...

trend 04:
economic volatility


the past decade has seen a sharp rise in far-left ideology supported by academia, governments, corporations, and mainstream media.

trend 05:
rise of the


recent media reports have uncovered multiple situations of abusive leadership styles in the church...

trend 06:
from power leadership
to servant leadership


canada is experiencing a rapid decline
of Christianity...

trend 09:
from traditional model church to micro-disciple making environments


many church leaders are realizing that the ministries their churches provide do not reliably make disciples capable of making disciples...

trend 07:
from ministry capacity
to disciple making

Image by Renate Vanaga

we are witnessing an increasing trend toward co-vocation and marketplace ministry...

trend 08:
the rise of co-vocation
and marketplace

digging deeper

Looking to further explore a specific trend listed in the reKindle Trend Tracker 2023 Edition? Below is a curated list of resources that will help guide you on your journey of engaging the seismic cultural shifts affecting Christian mission.

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