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Let's Start the Conversation

This page is created to support our Let's Start the Conversation Guide. Here we host links to the downloadable conversation videos, the resources included in the guide, and resources that could serve as Next Steps in your journey of learning about disciple making.

Let's Start the Conversation Videos & Presentation


Resources Referenced in the "Let's Start the Conversation" Guide

  1. Francis Chan - Simon Says video

  2. Alan Hirsch - Disciple Making video

  3. Team Expansion - Disciple Making Movements video

  4. Tim Beadle - Making Disciples is What Disciples do! video

  5.  National Study on Disciple Making in USA Churches Sponsored by and Exponential

  6. Southview Alliance Church - The Call to Make Disciples video

Potential Resources for your Next Steps


  1. Bob Rognlien. A Jesus Shaped Life: Discipleship and Mission for Everyday People, 3DM Publishing, 2016.​

  2. Roy Moran, Spent Matches: Igniting the Signal Fire for the Spiritually Dissatisfied. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2015.

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