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The power of darkness remains notably present in our world. The ministries of healing and deliverance have always been intended to function as primary signs of Christ's advancing Kingdom of Light. Yet why were they so prolific during the time of Christ and the Early Church, but distant today?


How might we reclaim these while avoiding the ditches that harmed the church in the past? How might we re-establish healing and deliverance as critical facets to disciple-making?


Balzer leads you on this exploratory journey considering the foundation of scripture, history, and evidence-based research. Numerous recommendations are given to forming these expressions in a healthy, balanced, and reproductible manner.


Jesus desires to light up the dark!

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what if I told you that God has a version of normal for your life that far exceeds your current experience? what if I told you that Jesus really meant it when he said, “whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing?” what if I told you the church was meant to convincingly demonstrate Jesus’ supernatural presence to a skeptical world?

this book invites you to make 7 shifts towards God’s eternal and infinite nature that render his manifest presence and empowerment in our lives and ministries… God’s version of normal.


will you dare to pivot towards Jesus and his version of normal for your life?

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